Huge Geek Opportunity

search-engine-workFew folks are old enough to remember the pleasure of using a search engines. Back in the mid and late nineties a person could type something like (medical doctor, Kansas City) and get a return private web pages of local offices. Mountains of small, useful, homegrown web pages were easy to find.  Completely unique information was available.

The demand for this type of services is astronomical. What passes for search engines today are actually human herding mechanisms and opinion management systems. It is impossible on google, bing or any of the others to find anything at all unique or really something that is not being mass marketed.

A real search engine would filter out google results and replace them with information people are actually looking for.

A genuine search engine would go a long way towards bringing on a resurgence in individual web page use.

I am in the early stages of starting a search engine as just described. If some genuine geek decides to do the same thing, I will abandon my project immediately.


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