Importing Bigots

signBigotry is less prevalent in the USA than in practically any country in the world. I say practically any other country but I don’t know of one. Bigotry is a way of life in the Mid East. So, when we open our borders to immigrants from Syria and other countries in that area, we are importing bigots. I hope that is what we want and expect because that is what we are getting.

Anyone who says that Islam is a religion of peace does not know know any Muslims personally. Professing peacefulness and being peaceful are two different things. Over a period of about 12 years when I drove a taxi for a living, I knew over 100 Muslims on a first name basis. I talked religion, politics, business, morality and everything else with them. Several are lifelong friends. I played music with them and was taught how to play the nay which is a type of flute that is popular in Iran. Iranians, Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians and all of the others are some of the kindest people on earth. Muslims are the first to stop and help anyone whose car is broken down. They are also highly intelligent. But, the vast majority of them believe in Sharia law.  Those who plan on staying in the United States have every intention of turning the country into a theocracy. Perhaps as many as 10% were elated at the 911 attacks and had minor celebrations. Don’t misunderstand, they do not hate Americans. They just don’t believe in our form of government.

We can open our borders to all who want to come if that is our wish. Just remember that our reasons for doing so are based of fantasies we have about human nature. Don’t misunderstand. No more than 10% of new arrivals will have any interest in committing acts of terror but that is a lot. The new people coming here take religion very seriously and a significant percent have no problem at all with violence being used to obtain political goals. Most of them are bigoted against Christians and Jews. This is fine if it is what Americans want. Life will change over here more to the liking of Mid East arrivals. The more “compassionate” among us will be the first to complain when they are disappointed with the outcome. Self preservation does not come automatically and we are putting ourselves at a serious disadvantage. Political correctness has a price and it is high.

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