Idiots Never Unite

Idiots Never UniteBack in the 70s I read a book that explained how there was no way the patients in an insane asylum would ever rebel and take over the institution. Why? His theory was that idiots never unite. I wish I could give credit but I can’t remember the name of the book or the author.

It may be only idiots who never unite but only the truly intelligent, ambitious and politically powerful work together. Today, the the unholy trinity of government, corporations an the media work together constantly. Certainly they are not idiots and they are united in their efforts to achieve their common agendas. There doesn’t have to be a formal conspiracy. There could be it doesn’t matter. They work together. How it is all structured is not important and it is unknowable in the present.  Clearly members of the unholy trinity are not idiots.

The public is not united. Theories abound that the masses of ordinary humans are in fact idiots in how they deal with with governments. The politically powerful, are united so as to exploit others. Again, the politically powerful are not idiots.

For ordinary people herd living is very peaceful for decades at a time. Is smooths out life and reduces stress.  Every one hundred years or so, a political or economic crisis occurs due to lack of interest in overseeing the operation of government. Self government is bound to fail after years of lack of attention from voters. Ruthless actors simply take what they want until there is nothing left to take.

There is hope, however. I estimate that 3% of the population engages in original thought. As it is none of that 3% is aware of the threat to the country. Anyone who looks can see. The 3% can be reached.

So far every fascist cancer has destroyed its host country. It doesn’t have to be that way this time.  There has never been a case where the public has become aware of the threat and mounted a counter initiative.

All it takes is reaching the 3%. Do not think there is anything to gain from silence.

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