Looting is Legal

Americans will lose their gun rights. How and why will gun rights be lost? Conservatives in the United States will lose their gun rights because those are the only rights they show much interest in keeping. There is an active gun lobby. They get results. That is for now. It is unrealistic for Americans to give up other rights with both hands and expect to keep the right to bear arms. Guns have some utility in protecting citizens from harm but not much. Guns are almost never used in self defense. The fact that they are occasionally used in self defense is not enough for non gun people to take their side with any enthusiasm.

The right to bear arms is dependent on maintaining all other rights like free speech and freedom of assembly, the right to sue in civil court, protection from  search and seizure and so on. Where is the rebellion against civil asset forfeiture? Where is the rebellion against civil asset forfeiture? Police are shooting citizens like flies on a close line. Do the second amendment buffs care? They don’t seem to. Government is being used exclusively as a tool for theft. Who cares? What abusive laws are being targeted for repeal? Wars are being fought for profit. Does murdering people in foreign countries bother the Second Amendment folks? Apparently not a bit. In every area except gun rights conservative activity is limited to virtue signaling.

Suppose you are a gun owner. Isn’t it a little silly to surrender every other right you have with a smile on your face and expect to retain the right to shoot back? We need to be a little realistic. Keeping run rights is only possible if more basic rights are kept in tact but that is not happening.



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