Dying to Get an Education

There is not much risk of getting mowed down at school with gunfire. It does happen. It is a low probability. It is not at all insignificant that school shootings keep happening. Things like school shootings either increase or decrease in number. When the moral fiber of a society goes into regression consequences follow. At any given time a certain number of people are on the edge of insanity.  It doesn’t take a lot for those already struggling to go over the edge. While the overall level of violence is not increasing statistically the number of incidents where the perpetrators are crazy does seem to be becoming fairly common.

If school shootings were the only hazards prevalent in a school setting it might make sense to write off school violence as one of those sad events that never gets completely explained. School shootings are only one of the many hazards.

Parents of high school students generally believe their children are becoming educated. For most there actually is a better chance that they will get killed at school than there is that they will learn much of anything. It is one thing to put a child at risk for a good cause. With respect to learning, there really is no reason to send a child to high school.

Lots of students see schools for what they are. They rebel out of resentment for being placed in a phony atmosphere. I say that education does not occur in American schools. That does not mean nothing is learned.

This in not a complete list but here is what is learned in schools. It isn’t math, Most students enter high school with less than a 6th grade proficiency in math, After four years of high school they will still be at the 6th grade level. What about history? Children learn a little history but it is changed and embellished so as to support modern values and notions. Nowhere are students required to read chapters. High school history is mush.

Students learn but the learning is not academic. Beginning in the kindergarten and continuing through college, no effort is spared in elevating the self esteem of students. The one lesson students get from all levels of schooling is that they are Gods gift to the universe. Self esteem building is the number one activity. Every finished activity gets a certificate, ribbon or participation trophy.

Students at all levels are pushed and shoved into establishing arbitrary loyalties. This is where school spirit comes in. Go team go and so on.

Students are constantly taught that the best way to handle every activity is through cooperation. Individual thought gives way to working in groups for the common good. Who are life’s biggest winners? They are the ones who get things done through cooperation. Never mind that the world operates on a system of dominance and subservience.

All through the learning years government is assumed to be benevolent. Never mind that it is just the opposite. If actual history was taught, students would have the same mistrust of government as did the founding fathers.

So, what students leave school with are attitudes and notions none of which have any utility in life. In a system of dominance and subservience, schools do produce an over supply of servile people.

Should children go to high school? The answer to that question is always yes. The answer is predetermined. The next question to be asked needs to be why?

Suppose there was a thoughtful parent somewhere. That person might reason that since education is not actually occurring it is not worth exposing a son or daughter to the risk of being at a school, in that schools are the place of choice for random shootings.

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