New Pillars of Manipulation

Since 2006 I have been writing that the purpose of Federal Reserve policy is to elevate asset values on behalf of the world’s most politically powerful citizens. This is the only agenda the Fed has and it is the only agenda it has had for many years. I am very careful to study institutions and people according to how they function and disregard how they are defined. The Federal Reserve has never had a policy, theory or anything else that had one iota of a chance of bolstering economic activity or doing any good for the common man.

The various programs from 2008 forward have all had the purpose of protecting the assets and incomes of those wealthy enough to buy the Fed’s services.

It is said that the Federal Reserve is out of tools for the stimulating the economy. It never has had any tools and never will because they don’t exist. The Federal Reserve still has plenty of tools for manipulating the stock market and those tools will be used. The greatest tool the Fed has for all of its activities is the extreme stupidity of United States citizens who have for generations been trained to promote their own poverty.

Anyone following the stock market will notice many articles these days about how vulnerable the stock market is. Corporations like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs are constantly putting out statements of impending doom. These kinds of commentators are members of the Deep State and are in good standing. Everything written about the vulnerability of financial assets and the overall economy is absolutely true. That doesn’t mean asset prices are about to tank immediately. When articles and statements of this nature appear in abundance, it means there will be a new attempt to goose the stock market. The more negative sentiment there is the more short positions will be initiated. Short sellers are important buyers for the next leg up.

So what will be the essence of next stock market stimulation. Squeezing shorts will be an important element to start things off. Central Banks have already been buying equities. The emphasis will now shift towards governments buying up the factors of production on a worldwide basis, What is the Deep State other than a way to control control the economic activity of the entire globe?

Add together closely held stock of Deep State members to what governments can be enticed to buy through their central banks and total control is complete. How does a group take over the world? The Deep State already owns the United States of America as well as most other economic powers. Central banks are simply directed to start buying masses of stock outright. By virtue of owning the world’s largest governments plus stock they already own privately and the Deep State will own the factors of production.


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