Origin of Language

The Fantasy Free theory of the origin of language is that oral communication evolved out of the need for deception. The lie turns out to be an important tool for survival.

While the debate of whether or not human beings can communicate through clairvoyance is ongoing, it has become clear that lower animals routinely communicate in this manner. Do not expect the scientific community to jump on this theory and run with it. The evidence is overwhelming. Mostly, they just choose not to look.

Rupert Sheldrake , has published much in the way of convincing evidence concerning how animals communicate across space.

Language evolved as a means of disguising one’s intentions. If primitive man A was about to attack primitive man B and clairvoyance was the common form of communication between them, primitive man B would preempt the strike. Clearly primitive man B would be better off if spoken language replaced mind to mind communication. It would be a better strategy to lie with speech and feign friendship.

In the evolutionary process, speech became more and clairvoyance became less. Today, folks have very limited means of transmitting and receiving information. The communication is ongoing but it is generally perceived as an irritation or a mental illness. Mental illnesses like depression may turn out to be incomplete clairvoyance occurrences as in information received but with no interpretation.

What is the significance of a theory. A theory is based on ideas and observations that seem plausible. It is commonplace to act on theories. Every decision the Federal Reserve makes is based on a theory that is less provable than the Fantasy Free theory of the origin of language.

The nice thing about basing a theory on a fantasy free observation is that there is a very high probability of being right. Nature provides all of its animals with a special gift. That gift is the ability to correctly grasp the gravity of situations and see the precise truth about what is going on around you. There is one caveat. The gift is only present when the mind is fantasy free.

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