What Do They Know?

The biggest joke in the universe is that people in charge are adept and can do things ordinary people can’t do. World leaders are truly good at is getting people to believe in them. How good is the judgement of a world leader? Looking at the state of the world gives a good indication.

When folks go to the poles they are looking for messiahs who will guide them and protect them in an uncertain world. That is not what they get because messiah is not a role for which nature has provided an entity to fulfill. Still, when voters get their candidate elected they perceive that person as their personal messiah regardless.

Just a few centuries ago, our model of civilization began to change. Up to that time power had always been concentrated at the top and ordinary people were serfs or slaves. The idea that collectively ordinary people could make better decisions than a king or a dictator began to emerge. It turns out that they can but unfortunately they either don’t believe they can or they are too lazy to participate in managing government.

The Fantasy Free Economic approach requires looking at phenomena as it presents itself on history’s long timeline. Everything is a process and nothing is a snapshot. Four or five hundred years over a ten thousand year timeline is a very short period for freedom to have existed.  The mass of human brains on the planet have not yet adapted to the changes in thinking that have resulted in self government. Clearly there are instincts that cause voters to treat candidates as messiahs rather than as delegates they intend to ride herd over.

Democracy really is the best system. It is just not a problem free system. Even with inept confused citizens choosing leaders the results are better than what occurs with kings and dictators. As years pass, the brain will adapt and democracy will work more efficiently. That won’t happen in any of our lifetimes.

Still, if anything good happens over the next twenty years, it will be because ordinary people take charge of the political system. This kind of thing does happen perhaps once or twice in a century. When I say happen, I don’t mean a 180 degree turn. All it takes is a new awakening of about 3% of the population.  During the Vietnam era, it was the public that brought an end to the war.

Today, the world is governed by a huge crime syndicate popularly referred to as the Deep State. Government today is mostly used as a way for large financial interests to establish skimming operations and force the public to buy certain goods and services.  Correcting this problem requires the attention of the country at large. Government will not fix itself because its members are owned by the group that is the source of the problem.

The public understands their experience of financial stress but is mostly clueless as to its origin.

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