Parading Victims

No crime in the the United States draws as much punishment as hurting someones feelings, especially if that someone is a protected species.  The act of parading the parents of Khizr Khan onto the stage at the Democratic convention was much more low rent than anything Trump has done in return. Hillary intentionally used these people as a way to attack Trump in such a manor that he couldn’t counter attack. We are in a sick land when Trump’s comments are considered worse than outright crimes by his opponent, when the crimes are really what got the soldier killed.

We have the media, the billionaires club and organized crime trying to rig the election. Anyone who looks can see what is going on. They spend twenty four hours per day intensely looking for anything negative on Trump.  The average billionaire would not be a billionaire without the privilege of using government as a tool to soak the American Public. I don’t know why Trump is running for president but he is not part of the club. They hate him.

Trump has to respond to attacks regardless of who is doing the attacking. Had he not dealt with Khizer Kahn’s parents he would be inundated with the same thing endlessly. Once Trump apologizes for anything, he is out of the race.

Years ago, when I was a teenager, I spent a few weeks at a boxing gym. I remember something the coach said that stuck with me. He had to guys in the ring and one of them was acting timid. To paraphrase, the coach said, “I see the problem, you are afraid you are going to make that guy mad and he is going to hit you even harder. He is going to hit you as hard as he possibly can no matter what you do.”

Once Trump takes a punch, he is going to get hundreds just like it. Being politically correct and not dealing with the Khizr Khan issue would have ended up much worse for Trump. I am guessing Trump knows the difference between a conversation and a fight. There is no point in trying to make a friend out of someone whose only goal is to destroy you.

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