The Quarantined

warningareunderquarantine_copy_12x9.214__21814.1345133096.1280.1280Lots of Americans understand the outright dangers we face in the United States. The conversation is vibrant. These Americans however are quarantined to the echo chambers. The convincing of one another only has so much value.  Is anyone listening? Of course, other like minded people are listening. The noise in the echo chambers is almost deafening but they only hear each other and fall victim to the illusion they are getting their points across to the general public.

The coming election comes down to organized crime versus all who can see the problem. Only the elite have anything material to gain from Hillary winning the election. The elite can live very well just controlling the rest of us. GDP is not an important number to them. As long as the voice of reason is quarantined there is a good chance they will win.

There is no conservative media. not even “conservative” talk radio. It is all emotional engagement. For reason to prevail, folks who don’t visit the echo chambers need to be reached. I admit, I don’t have a solution to suggest.

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