Perform A Great Kindness

Perform a great kindness. Find a sound bite conservative and explain that to defend corrupt capitalism is the same as promoting Socialism. Corrupt capitalism uses big government to create and manage markets and thus redistribute wealth outside of a free market setting. Rebuking stupidity requires overcoming lots of inertia. To let stupidity go unchecked is certainly the path of least resistance and the path most often followed.
The sound bite conservatives are brainwashed into promoting their own poverty and unfortunately the poverty of the rest of us as well. Wall Street firms and other corporations have taken over government and converted it into a tool for enriching themselves. There is nothing conservative about encouraging this arrangement to continue. During the TARP days of 2008, the corporations that the sound bite conservatives are so bent on protecting had more influence on their representative’s vote than they did.
The truth is that the players the sound bite conservatives have adopted as role models have done more to turn the U.S.A towards Socialism than the entire avowed leftist and liberals have accomplished in their combined lifetimes.

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