The Stupidest of the Stupid

republican_democrat_smThose of us who live euphemism free lives can easily see the relationship between voters and their elected representatives. There are only two ways a constituent can look at a candidate, The candidate is either envisioned as delegate or an object of worship. Voters choose to worship their leaders 100% of the time so they have no chance of getting what they want from a politician. Voters are looking for someone to serve them. When they worship candidates they end up serving their leaders instead. Leaders have their own reasons for running for office.  Those reasons are never anything close to carrying out the wishes of voters.

Stupid is a short simple word that means about the same as maladaptive so I go ahead and use stupid. Maladaptive of course is an act that if adopted by all would eventually render the species extinct.

After the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, the Republican base began promoting their own poverty by equating pro business with pro free market. That was bad enough but they have continued the same approach up to the present. Pro-business of course morphs into Fascism. That process is now complete. Being the idiots that they are, the Republican memory only goes back to 2008 when Obama was elected. Even when I search my memory I cannot think of a group of people, in politics, being as stupid and self destructive as the Republican Rank and File.

Don’t take my word for it. Go to the congressional record and try and find one bill on the table or recently voted on that does not have the purpose of rigging one market or another. That is what Fascism does. It uses government to force wealth and income into the higher income brackets. By higher income brackets I mean higher than the petty little millionaires who are part of the Republican Base.

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