Psychopaths Presidents and You

Psychopaths Presidents and You PDF Version

Are there psychopaths in politics? Politics, especially in presidential elections, is highly competitive, right? Who is the most powerful person in the world these days? Many would cite the president of the United States. Not a bad observation. Even if he isn’t, he is pretty close.

Presidents have pleasant personalities. They often look wholesome and grandfatherly. How could anyone expect one of these gentle souls to be a psychopath? Lets reason this out.

Getting into the NFL as a linebacker, for example, is highly competitive. What are the chances that an aspiring football player will make it all the way to the NFL? I don’t know the odds but they are almost impossibly low.

Is there any reason why a young man with the physique of Pee Wee Heman has any chance of getting into the NFL eventually? No, not a prayer. An NFL linebacker must be just the right weight, quick as lighting and competitive as hell. A man must have certain specific attributes to their person, both physical and mental, to even have a prayer of getting into the NFL.

Which is more competitive? Is it the quest to make it in the NFL? Is it the quest to be elected President of the United States? How about the competitiveness of house and senate races both federal and state levels? Ask the same question all the way down to elementary school PTA presidential elections. Just how competitive is the game of politics? It is much more competitive than folks allow themselves to believe.

In psychology, again, psychopathy is deemed a personality disorder. Is it really? Or, is it an inborn survival skill a small percentage of the population possess, giving them, the inborn ….that skill that enables them to make use of other people and their time and energy? Given the gravity of the task of winning an election, how else can a person become a world leader without being a psychopath? You decide. No? Then show me a different way. How about with respect to being elected to each lower office all the way down to PTA president?

Below are listed characteristics possessed by those deemed psychopaths by psychologists. On a scale from 1 to 10, I have placed a ranking number next to each. This is my rough estimation of where I believe a politician would rank with these psychopathic characteristics.

Again, in my understanding of natural law, psychopathy is a normal, though uncommon distribution of personality characteristics that has evolved over eons, for a reason. A certain number of people possess these characteristics to serve as a means of taking control and managing large populations. Because all interaction in aggregations of people is based on self interest, psychopaths possess the means to impose their will on others.

Keep in mind. Psychopaths do not all commit crimes. Some people have a few of the psychopathic characteristics but are fairly typical in others. In the list below, the completely average person might score from 4 to 6 on each of the attributes. An empath would score below 5 on possessing each characteristic. I give a rank of 10 on sexual promiscuity. Search for a president who has not had a lover outside of marriage while in office.

9 Sense of entitlement
8 Glibness/superficial charm
8 Grandiose sense of self-worth
6 Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
7 Pathological lying
8 Conning/manipulative
10 Lack of remorse or guilt
8 Shallow effect
8 Callous/lack of empathy
9 Parasitic lifestyle
4 Poor behavioral controls
10 Promiscuous sexual behavior
3 Early behavior problems
2 Lack of realistic long-term goals
5 Impulsivity
3 Irresponsibility
8 Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
8 Many short-term marital relationships
2 Juvenile delinquency
8 Revocation of conditional release
8 Criminal versatility

Last fact, I am not the only person who has made this observation. Do a search on the topic.



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