The Sex Lives of Politicians

What does it mean when a president engages in extra-marital sex? If a person disavowed everyone who cheated in a marriage, he might as well drop out of society and become a hermit. What about morality ? That is a significant topic but it is not relevant to the point of this article. Let  me explain why sexual infidelity is highly relevant in politics. It is a sign of something more significant. . Continue reading

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Psychopaths Presidents and You

Psychopaths Presidents and You PDF Version

Are there psychopaths in politics? Politics, especially in presidential elections, is highly competitive, right? Who is the most powerful person in the world these days? Many would cite the president of the United States. Not a bad observation. Even if he isn’t, he is pretty close.

Presidents have pleasant personalities. They often look wholesome and grandfatherly. How could anyone expect one of these gentle souls to be a psychopath? Lets reason this out. Continue reading

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