The Sex Lives of Politicians

What does it mean when a president engages in extra-marital sex? If a person disavowed everyone who cheated in a marriage, he might as well drop out of society and become a hermit. What about morality ? That is a significant topic but it is not relevant to the point of this article. Let  me explain why sexual infidelity is highly relevant in politics. It is a sign of something more significant. .

A while back I published the following article, Psychopaths Presidents and You.

In that article, there is a list of personality characteristics of psychopaths. Sexual promiscuity is always common to a psychopath. That is why a president’s sex life is relevant to voters. It is a first sign of what voters are really dealing with. Add to that, other signs of psychopathy such as, lack of remorse, sense of entitlement, lack of   conscience and the profile is complete. Sexual promiscuity is simply one indicator that is there for all to notice. With a little investigation, plenty of other signs of psychopathy are always completely apparent.

I can not always convince others of the efficacy of what is completely obvious when thinking in the light of reality. Perhaps some can investigate and convince themselves. A good start is to ask if what is generally assumed to be true about leadership is true, does that explain the political results we consistently witness? Then ask, does the question. Does the theory that all elected officials are psychopaths generate a more accurate answer? .

I am not a psychologist. I don’t treat psychopaths and try to turn them into something else. I treat psychopathy as a normal but unlikely distribution of personality characteristics. It is not a crime to be a psychopath. Psychopaths end up in occupations where they could not succeed were they not in possession of their unique personality characteristics. Do a search and you will find that psychopaths end up in occupations where psychopathy enables them to succeed.

Psychopathy does nor constitute evil.  The accusation  of power, especially concentrated power creates evil. When all elected officials must be psychopaths in order to get elected, it behooves the electorate to understand what they are dealing with.

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