Reagan and Roosevelt had something in common.

Remember that your leaders are guided by cravings for power and instinctive impulses, not so much by intellect or goodness. People in general, have an instinctive drive to serve a master and look at government as a righteous parent figure. It is no surprise that governments around the world are growing in size at a destructive pace. On the evolutionary time line, people in the post American Revolution era are not yet equipped to remain free.
The world wide debt crisis was not created by smart people who simply had the wrong ideas. The debt crisis was caused by exceptional people seeking power and ordinary people seeking a master and the perceived security a master is assumed to provide.
Historically democracy based governments have done well, not because of a thirst for rights and freedom among citizens but because democracy serves as a platform where ambitious people can compete for power. For a few to have power, it is necessary that many surrender power.The worldwide debt crisis is more serious than almost anyone thinks because its root cause is that of destructive instinctive behaviors people in general deny exist and are powerless to resist.

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