Republicans Against Trump

458349122As long as there are stupid people, smart people will use government to take their money. Smart people around the globe are saying no thanks to Donald Trump. It is not that Donald Trump is philosophically unacceptable. That part doesn’t matter. Donors and politicians,both Republican and Democrats are making a killing off of ignorance and stupidity while the general public is busy promoting their own poverty. Clearly the upper echelon in both parties are actually only just one party. Of course they are against Donald Trump. Their personal power and income are being threatened/

The Republicans who are rejecting Trump fear losing fortunes if Trump is elected. The Republicans who are accepting trump with open arms are part of the vast ocean of humanity who are getting taking to the cleaners by virtue of rigged markets and other scams. Why would they vote for anybody else? The donor class must be certain that they can control government and thus control their markets and customers. Don’t get me wrong. The public hasn’t smartened up that much. They are starting to suffer. People who suffer blame the existing order. In this case their blame is well placed. Trump is not their savior but they think he is. Trump will break up the billionaire’s club.

Americans do not trust the free market system and opt for one of two styles of socialism.  Under socialism, who gets what is determined politically. Under the current system, government, not the market is used to enrich the investor class. Under classic socialism attempts are made to even out income distribution by redistributing income to those in lower income brackets. Both styles are completely destructive but the top down variety destroys the fastest and most completely.

As of this election cycle, there is no trust in the democratic process either. When it starts to look like an election cannot be rigged, panic sets in. The elite start to undermine the democratic process. Perhaps elections in the United States have never been all that free and authentic.  Extracting dollars out of an ignorant and stupid population is too big of a business to give up by letting the democratic process stand in the way.


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