Saving the Planet

aWhat could be finer than having all of the government leaders in the world get together and save the planet. Just imagine all of the world leaders holding hands, singing save the planet songs while all or the worlds citizens blow kisses at them. What a wonderful thing to have social consciousness elevated to the previously inexperienced? Oh, it just gives me the giggles thinking about it.

This I guarantee. The more time, energy and resources government expends in the name of saving the planet, the faster it will be destroyed. How do I know? My reasons are always simple. They are always based on human nature. Human nature prevents government from solving this kind of problem, if there is a problem.

Self interest is the only incentive in play with respect to government. There is an imaginary incentive that is assumed to be relevant. Although assumed to be present there is no incentive to serve. Government is a means to an end, first last and always. There are no exceptions. As soon as a government initiative is begun, a feeding frenzy based on self interest begins and grows like bacteria in in a petri dish. The government money is a brand new business opportunity and a new source of revenue for the powerful. The worse the problem gets, the more money there is to be made. A huge ‘save the planet’ lobby forms to make sure the problem never gets solved, and more and more government money gets thrown in the pot. This will be the result of commissioning government to save the planet. Government action is far more dangerous than global warming.

Rest assured when government is commissioned the save the planet, we will be doomed at a much faster pace than if we just went ahead and let the destruction take its course. That is, if there actually is a threat. There is a profit opportunity. We do know that.


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