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Hey, I am a free market guy. It is not that I am on the sidelines. I am working tirelessly to motivate others to join me in motivating others to apply pressure to repeal laws and close government agencies.

While I am doing this, I am looking out my window and what to I see? There are two battles for dominance raging across America. The fight is between fascists and classic socialists. Sometimes, I do a play by play but I am not in this


Fascists are alarmed at the sudden emergence of classic socialists, mainly Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Notice that they call themselves conservatives, Republicans and capitalists.

Republican is an honest description.  Although, Democrats were instrumental in getting the Full Employment Act of 1978 (Humphrey Hawkins) passed, Republicans during the Reagan Administration, began molding its provisions into wealth and income transferring initiatives in the direction of the politically powerful.  Today, income and wealth transferring initiatives are all government is used for. Based on what Republicans do, conservative is a very dishonest term when they use it to describe themselves. Fascism is the merger of industry and government. One exists to support the other in a symbiotic relationship. Over time, crime adds itself to the system and it all becomes a triangle of influences.

Those who describe themselves as capitalists and conservatives are nothing of the kind. When a country falls into the grips of fascism enormous financial benefits flow to the top of society. The advantage extends all the way down to the lower middle class. The economic devastation of the poor begins immediately. As time passes, the damage climbs the food chain ladder from the bottom up. Since it takes considerable time for damage to accumulate, the connection between cause and effect is lost.

One of the staples of herd behavior is that the animals constantly jockey for herd position. Those with the greatest status get more benefits. The contest between fascists and classic socialists is that same kind of process. The instinctive impression is that if one gets more out of the herds resources the other will get less. This is basic animal reasoning and takes place in a part of the brain that is not even aware it is thinking.

Fascism grows as political power is increasingly used to as a way for folks to get what they want instead of facing the competitive forces present in a free market system. The effect is that money, power and influence over government causes a concentration of wealth at the top and slowly impoverishes all who are on lower rungs of the food chain ladder. Calling oneself a conservative or a capitalist, while embracing this process of destruction is ongoing, is a way of giving oneself permission to exploit the circumstances without violating one’s sensibilities. Self deception is the order of the day and that is part of how fantasy enters the equation.

Choosing fascism in the present moment, at the beginning, is a rational choice for all who have a modest income and higher.  It is an extreme case but that is the choice an armed robber makes when a gun is pulled. That changes as time passes. Choosing fascism becomes no longer rational. By then, thinking rational is not in vogue and the damage starts accruing. The rich begin functioning as parasites and like any parasite, they eventually kill the host. It is always a rational choice for any individual to opt for free market competition for all others but not for oneself.

What we have the are fascists at war with AOC and the other classic socialists. Again, free market people are not part of the engagement. Whichever side wins, the free market loses.  If the competition started out even, the classic socialists would have a chance.  The two sides have opposing strategies for using government as a means of acquiring their essences. For classic socialists and fascists, this is a zero sum game, in their minds. In Venezuela classic socialism did not face opposition from fascists. In the United States, fascists are already entrenched. Winning against an established power is almost impossible without violence. For the classic socialist crowd, notice that violence is becoming an acceptable tool. One natural law is that power is never relinquished voluntarily.

I am a realistic person. There is zero interest in establishing free markets in the United States or really anywhere in the world. Free markets however, provide optimum economic results in every economic category. So, I feel compelled to continue pushing the idea.

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