Some Things to Remember

Given the assumptions mainstream economics makes about human nature, economic outcomes such as are experienced today could not occur. Rid your mind of these fantasies and all that transpires in the economic and political arenas make perfect sense.
Mainstream economics assigns such attributes as industrious, independent minded, autonomous and morally upright to each human inhabiting our planet. In real life, work is a second choice. Were the motive to live off of others not so great, economies around the world would not be so over financed.
Because the U.S. is defined as a republic, academics act on the basis that it is. They also treat the economy as if it were free market based.
There is no way to come close to understanding behavior when the very basis of all observations are false from the beginning.
Because all people bargain away freedom as comfort seekers, self government is not practiced. The value of voting is rendered impotent by the more powerful right to manage public opinion. Individual voters have never shown an interest in controlling the activities of those they elect. Instead they search for messiahs who will champion good causes. Of course politicians run for office out of self interest and end up working for those who help them achieve their personal ambitions.
In a free market government cannot be used to rig markets. Today, governments around the world are used for nothing else.
How can so many people be fooled. It is actually simple. It is all about living fantasy based lives. There is one fantasy that seems to be the basis of all others. That is the fantasy of being special. Every one of the more than 7 billion people in the world feels special. Not one knows what life is or why he is alive, but feels special of course.
I estimate that about three percent of any population has sociopathic personalities. Sociopaths become world leaders and rise to the top of other large institutions as well. They are adept at nurturing ordinary people’s sense of being special. Once assured of being special folks are more than happy to give money, life and limb to any number of “noble” causes. After all, who would lie to someone who is special? Notice that when a politician visits a city, the speech always starts out by acknowledging how special all of the local people are. Tell someone what they want to here and it gets accepted as the truth.
Given the human instinct to worship leaders, this is a bad combination.
I encourage everyone as an experiment to give up the fantasy of being special just for a day. It is really hard to be a sucker and rightfully humble at the same time.
Curbside Jimmy has a tune out called Euphemism Mountain.

We all love our homes on Euphemism Mountain but sometimes it makes sense to be realistic for a while, especially on the eve of a giant economic collapse.

Music For The Hard Times Coming

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