How the Biggest Lies Are Told

Suppose person A want to tell a lie to person B. It is hard to get someone else to believe a lie unless they are already lying to themselves. One common denominator among all people is that of believing one is special. The best liars know how to nurture and exploit this universal false belief.
Notice when a politician begins a speech, the first order of business is to acknowledge and patronize the “special” nature of the audience. Tell a man what he wants to hear and it registers as the truth. Who would lie to a person who is held in such high regard?
There are over 7 billion humans on the planet. Below is a link to a world population clock. There are special people being born almost faster than they can be counted. Each one of these people is born with a sense of being special.
One staple in the science of lie telling is that once a person believes the first lie, the ones that follow are believed a lot easier. The trick is to tell a lie the person already believes and start adding on. With election day coming up in November, take note of the technique.

The Grazin’ is Good is a Curbside Jimmy tune is focused on human behavior in the modern era.

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