War Tax and Myth of Self Government

It is hard not to be at war when hardly a soul cares. American citizens eventually absorb the burden of a war  even if they are unaware it is being fought. Since embracing the mercenary army concept it is easy to drop bombs or deploy troops to support the agendas of large financial interests.

Americans would be wise to insist congress pass a war tax that would be extracted out of each paycheck of every American. The war tax would be listed separately along with other payroll taxes. I would be surprised if even half of Americans even know we are involved in a new military adventure in Syria.

One of the ways self government is circumvented is to limit the information citizens have for making decisions.  A war tax would keep folks abreast of what a war is costing them personally.

Most people believe citizens are in charge of government when they are not.

People in China love the song “The Grazin’ is Good.” It is about the American mindset and modern values.

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