The Amazing Hot Air Cannons

Go to the echo chambers and witness countless virtue signalers. Some call themselves liberals. Others call themselves conservatives. All of them are promoting big government, some unwittingly and some on purpose. It is just a matter of style. Both sides are under a huge delusion. They believe they have representation and that someone is listening to them. It is as if they believe that the country will change in their direction if finally a majority adopts their point if view.

These hot air cannons are a complete gift to the parties which actually do have representation and determines what happens in government. Call them the elite, status quo, shadow government, billionaires club, one percent or whatever term you like. Just know that they are more than happy to have the multitudes arguing philosophy while they use government to pick everyone’s pockets.

There are no greater fools than those who are filled with a notion of self importance and imagine that  those in authority see them in that same light.

Normally liberals do have an agenda. Today they don’t. Their only tool is name calling. Conservatives have never had an agenda other than endless rhetoric. There is not one conservative initiative in the world today. Conservatives and liberals alike are volunteering for slavery at an alarming rate. The issue is, whose master will be in charge?

What is freedom for? Americans use freedom like an asset and bargain it away for comfort.

The hot air cannons are loud with virtue signaling. In the mean time folks who really run government are shuffling around and reorganizing. There is no need to worry about the citizens of the country interrupting that process. They are endlessly arguing and debating among themselves not understanding how things really get done in Washington.

Collectively citizens have the potential to control government but they are no where close to figuring out how to use it.

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