The Beginnings of Language

  Research shows that lower animals broadcast and receive mental images. Human beings do the same thing but have lost so much of that ability, that the impressions are very faint and usually explained away as anxiety or something else. Regardless, as a person walks about he broadcasts his state of mind to the world and to all he encounters, What is charisma? Charismatic people broadcast an image that appeals to a lot of different people. What is karma? Karma may very well cause the reaction by others due to the state of mind being broadcast. Someone who is lonely broadcasts a lonely state of mind and ends up being avoided as a result. Positive thinking gets good results, because that is the state of mind being broadcasts.

If nature has provided such an efficient way to communicate, why would spoken and then written language develop? Don’t forget that our existence is a game of dominance and subservience. There are peaceful corners of the world where people live and interact but on average life is completely brutal. Humanity today is more civilized than at any time in history. There was a time many thousand years ago when there was no peace. Everything was taken by force.

When caveman A planned on attacking and robbing caveman B and transmitted that image, caveman A put himself in danger. Caveman B would carryout a preemptive strike. Over time communicating with mental images waned and verbal language became more sophisticated. In modern times, communicating with mental images is so subtle, all but a few deny that it occurs. But, it does.

As mental transmitting decreased, the lie as a tool for survival was born. Without the need to lie for purposes of survival language would have never developed.

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