The American Mindset, The Election and The Stock Market

The stock market is being elevated by any means possible. The method is sophisticated. I  have explained in an earlier article how the ALGOs carry out management of the market level over all averages and individual stocks. Their profit comes from skimming and sabotaging of unwitting large and small traders as well as hedge funds. Basically, the Deep State is the stock market. A bear market will destroy the power structure of the world. Can a stock market crash be prevented? Yes, but for that to happen, the Deep State must be extremely lucky. and they are indeed prone to good luck. The Corona Virus is the only shock they have  have experienced in all of the years this has been going on. Chances are that the market will crash, however. For a stock market to be permanently in a bull trend when an entire economy collapses is close to impossible. Chances better that we will see martial law imposed and selling not allowed, than there is that all markets will continue moving higher. For sure, the Deep Stated will find some way to save themselves bu changing public policy.

American Mindset

Politics is dominated by two groups, right and left. Both are consumed with maladaptive behavior. Neither the left nor the right has ever gotten anything  net from government. They never will. Government does not do those things, although belief is that they eventually.


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