The American Mindset

The stock market is being elevated by any means possible. The method is sophisticated. I  have explained in an earlier article how the ALGOs carry out management of the market level over all averages and individual stocks. Their profit comes from skimming and the sabotaging of unwitting large and small traders as well as hedge funds. Basically, the Deep State is the stock market. A bear market will destroy the power structure of the world. Can a stock market crash be prevented? Yes, but for that to happen, the Deep State must be extremely lucky. and they are indeed prone to good luck. The Corona Virus is the only shock they have  have experienced in all of the years this has been going on. Chances are that the market will crash. However, for a stock market to remain permanently in a bull trend when an entire economy collapses is close to impossible. Chances better that we will see martial law imposed and selling not allowed, than there is that all markets will continue moving higher. For sure, the Deep Stated will find some way to save themselves by changing public policy.

American Mindset

Politics is dominated by two groups, right and left. Both are consumed with maladaptive behavior. Neither the left nor the right has ever gotten anything  net from government. They never will. Government does not do those things, although belief is that they eventually will. Human nature prevents government from doing these things. Government

Voters describe themselves with lofty terms. We have patriots on the right and progressives on the left. Democrats embrace Marxist style socialism.

Republicans and self described conservatives embrace modern socialism and they love Donald Trump for guiding them in that direction. They call it capitalism. There are no free market voters. There are no free market candidates. The United States does not have a free market economy. There is not one free market initiative being promoted  in the country or in the world.Government does not do those things, although belief is that they eventually will. Human nature prevents government from doing these things. Government

Democrats and liberals in general

There are two basic ways to distribute resources in an economy. There is price and there is political power. With Marxist style socialism, who gets the most depends upon who has the most political power. The same is true of modern socialism With classic socialism no one comes out ahead other than those at the very top. With modern socialism, the rich lobby for more government spending, that transfers income from the bottom to the top. Everyone loses in the end regardless. Voters are good with one system or the other. Modern socialism is already entrenched and has killed the economy off at the bottom. The misery will climb the income ladder until all are destroyed.

Who will voters vote for? It really doesn’t matter because each side only hears words. What do voters want? While hollering slogans like “We The People” or “Make America great again Trump supporters are gleefully promoting their own poverty while pointing fingers at the other side. In every presidential race I have followed, no winner has ever done anything that has helped his supporters. The 2020 election will not be any different.

What oo folks want? Mostly they want a leader who will make life’s most important decisions for them. No voter or politician has even suggested cutting spending or closing government agencies.

Politics is not a a game where the larger thinking brain is disengaged. That brain is for interpreting poetry or doing math. Politics is an animal brain activity. When it starts, the thinking brain goes on vacation. The animal or survival brain takes over because politics actually is a survival based activity. In that mode, the animal brain pushes the thinking brain out of the way and takes charge.

Listen to political discourse. Do you ever hear anything except superficial arguments? Is there any discussion about what will be good for the country based on deferred gratification? Are there any sentient arguments? No. If you ever hear, let me know because I haven’t heard any. One counter example, although potentially interesting, doesn’t change anything. The higher brain is never spoken to in politics. Truth is not part of politics at all.

Any political argument you hear will be focused on getting you to change your mind without thinking. Much is said about the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The truth is that no lives matter at the aggregate level. Out lawmakers have no trouble sending American youth to fight and die promoting corporate interests. Don’t tell me that our national Corona virus initiative has anything to do with saving lives of Americans.

What we have are two groups of American voters volunteering for slavery. They will get what they are asking for.

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The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.

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