The Balloons

I am going to use the new Chinese balloon phenomenon to show how to use natural law to explain an occurrence to create likely scenarios.

All of a sudden we notice Chinese balloons floating in the sky in numerous spots in our sky over the United States. Why in the world would China want even one balloon hovering over the United States of America? Is it just because the Chinese like balloons and like to know they are up there? Personally, I imagine their reason is more serious than just the entertainment balloons provide.

In my mind when new events start occurring that make no sense in the current overall scheme of things, there actually is a good reason. Multiple balloons seems to be to many…. for studying the weather.  Modern techniques of predicting and forecasting weather these days are amazingly accurate.  Surely the Chinese have access to American weather forecasts. For this much effort, there has to be reasons and the likelihood is that the reasons are quite serious.

What do we know about world leaders? There is this natural law that says power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. How corrupt are the leaders in China? Logic tells us that they are highly corrupt, just because they are so powerful. I am not picking just on the Chinese. Our leaders are highly corrupt too, possibly more so.

Yes, Americans know that power corrupts. They vote and relate to their elected leaders as if the opposite is true. Make no mistake – where there is power, there is corruption. Perhaps, that truth is so disturbing, people choose to think higher of their own leaders. Sometimes comfort comes at a staggering price.

There is military tension between the United States and China. There is military tension between allies and potential allies of China. There is also tension between the United States and its own allies. Most ordinary citizens in foreign countries fear the United States and our military. The safest place to be is on the side of the United States.

It is understood that no country can challenge the United States in terms of military power. It is natural that countries who may face our military look for non conventional means to attack us. Americans, living their lives in la la land don’t think about such things. The Superbowl and everything else is much more pleasant to focus on.

Here is a possibility. China floats non threatening balloons over our air-space. We shoot some of them down, of course. Then we find harmless stuff. Then it becomes ho – hum. More crazy Chinese balloons. The public? Who cares? To United States citizens, the government is their guardian. Surely, our guardians have a handle on this, they reason. Then they go about their business of indulging in entertainment.

Suddenly, one peaceful day, thousands of balloons wander into our skies. Some of them contain nuclear warheads or something else, perhaps worse. Some of the balloons are armed. Some are not. Which ones do we shoot down first? What if shooting one down releases a bomb? The Chinese could also send a diplomatic message to our leadership stating something like, “Surrender, we have you surrounded.” For sure, no foreign nation is stupid enough to start launching missiles at us.

Of course our intelligence agencies are on top of this. But are they? The FBI is likely busy rigging elections and teaming up with big tech, censoring Americans and making sure they have no meaningful information. The CIA is perhaps finding ways to sabotage various governments around the world. Certainly, all who work for these agencies are enjoying the power they have and all of the spoils that go along with their government jobs. How powerful are the heads of these agencies? How much power do they have?



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