The Cost of a Few Kind Words

ballot_box_3192711bWhat would you give to hear a few kind words? Lesbians gay men bisexuals and transsexuals love Hillary Clinton. Afro Americans, and Hispanics love Hillary Clinton as well. Do any members of these groups ever ask themselves why?

What they get are kind words at a super high price. In all of U.S. history, members of these groups have gotten nothing out government. It is amazing what people will do for kind words.

In Hillary Clinton’s words, LGBTs and minorities are just about sacred and always belong at the head of the table. Of course, Hillary needs to count on their votes, so that she can serve the citizens she genuinely appreciates. These are members of the ruling class who pay her for representation. LGBTs and minorities are only the suckers she needs to put her in office.

Suppose Hillary is elected. If you are LGBT, your plight in the world at the end of any terms she serves will be identical or worse than it is today. Blacks and minorities will fall even further down the income ladder.  O.K., so it doesn’t cost a thing to vote. The cost is in lost time, opportunities and income due to bad government policy that is solely designed to pay folks who have political power.

Who will Hillary serve? Hillary will serve those who pay her by way of the Clinton Foundation and other avenues she has constructed. To the degree LGBTs and minorities have paid her up front they will get some benefit from her holding the office. But, these folks have not paid to play.

The cost does not stop with the suckers who support Hillary Clinton. The cost of allowing government to be used as a tool by industrialists is so high that it is impossible to calculate.

The majority of the poor and middle class don’t even get kind words. The new world order ,as some call it, is all cost and no benefits for all but just a few.

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