The Logic Of Voting

This is a question I answered on a public forum where I am apparently still welcome and for now uncensored .What good does it do to vote when those we elect are not the ones in charge anyway?

Unwittingly, popular opinion is that if we vote for the right candidates, that will bring about the changes we are looking for. How often has that logic produced positive results? If thinking like that has never worked in the past, What are the chances it will work now? Surely there is a reason this rationality has not worked up until now.

If voting was combined with demonstrative action,perhaps better results would be the result.The hard truth is that democracy is a brutal process, albeit not as much so as living in an established dictatorship; In voting, it is assumed that those who win elections will automatically carry out the will of the constituency that elects them. That never happens. Politics is so searing that voting only constitutes an act of submission on the part of voters.

Unlike what we are taught, humanoids are not freedom – seeking characters. They have freedom in their natural state. They don’t seek to optimize their level of freedom,though they often use it wisely. Freedom is like a tradable asset. It is offered in exchange for comfort and benefits. When folks vote and do nothing but vote, they are submitting to the parties they elect. Presumably,those they elect will represent their constituency. They don’t.

Because human nature is what it is,representatives pursue their own interests first. Next they serve others who facilitate their gaining of more power and influence. Voters serve the interests of the parties they elect.To an elected official, a voter is a means to an end. Voters are given the impression that lawmakers are working on their behalf, assuring voters all the while that they are committed and trying. Wouldn’t it be nice if this was the case?

In politics, nothing is ever gained without coercion. If politicians have no fear of voters,the average person continues to lose ground. We live in a system of dominance and subservience. That is true whether we want it to be true or not.

On election day voters go looking for messiahs. They seek but they don’t find….although, they think that they have found. There was only one Moses. Moses lived eons ago. Not since, has any society had a selfless leader. How much sense does it make to expect one in a current election?

Where there is no fear of voters, there is no freedom.Where there is no freedom – there is no prosperity. There can be intermittent happiness. Without freedom – there is no peace. .

After voting, folks walk around gleaming, wearing “I voted” stickers. Voters as facilitators are plentiful. Plenty is not enough. Efforts are ongoing to import more voters. Hope is , that the new voters will do nothing but vote. The desire is that they will vote without thinking to an even greater degree than the people who are already here. Perhaps that will be the case.

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