The Pope and Jesus

pope-francisMost Christians have never read the new testament. One of the aspects of Jesus’ ministry is that he was non attached with respect to the politics and government of his time. He did ridicule the Pharisees and Sadducees over their personal behavior but stuck to religion and hypocritical conduct.

Pope Francis seems to be inept reaching folks spiritually. Perhaps he is trying to make up for that by trying to change the world politically.

It is good to treat a religious leader with respect providing he is acting in that capacity. Pope Francis is turning out to be just another political hack with ridiculous thoughts and ideas. Previously, I suggested that Christians pray that pope gain some insight into the subjects he feels a need to talk about.

After his speech addressing a joint session of congress, it would be good for Catholics to pray for themselves because this guy is going to get them in a lot of trouble. If anyone else starts listening to him, we are all in trouble.

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