The Price Of Safety Security And Freedom

What is interesting about safety and and
security is that human beings will pay almost
any amount to avoid living in fear and feeling
vulnerable. They will pay as high a price for the
perception of safety and security as the real
thing. The difference is not easily discernible.

Does government provide safety and security?
It can and does sometimes but it is more likely
to provide the perception only. Who knows the
difference? It is the feeling that counts. Where
do they look to get it? They look in the same
place all animals look. That is the herd’s
leadership. It may be the head male in a pride
of lines, or the most powerful male water
buffalo. With human beings it is their
government. In any case, to the ordinary herd
members, the cost is staggering.

Here is the way it works with humans. Humans pay money but with every increment of
more safety and security they have to give up part of their freedom. For armed forces
they give up some but it is worth it? Every time more safety and security are opted for,
more freedom is given up. A guaranteed income takes away even more freedom. All of
this comes at a high monetary cost. Eventually folks want the guarantee that others
won’t call them names. That is the case today.

The price of safety and security is so high, it is very profitable to provide these things or
just their perception. Government agencies grow in size. As the agencies get large, those
which sell goods and services to them lobby government for more, more and more. This
is so profitable that techniques of scaring people into believing they are vulnerable
emerge. Folks get out their checkbooks.

Then the private sector gets involved. New services evolve to protect people from
everything from identity theft to home security. All kinds of adds that scare you start

Feeling warm and cozy whether you are actually safe or not comes at a very high price.
One thing people are happy to give up is freedom. After all, what is freedom for other
than achieving safety and security. So you feel warm and cozy. Who needs freedom?

After all, isn’t feeling warm and cozy the goal anyway? Who needs freedom any more
after a big dose of feeling safe and secure.

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