How To Watch Your Doctor Destroy His Life

Lets get something out of the way to start.

Doctors who practice medicine are not
overpaid. Based on their education, they make
no more money than those in other professions
that require the same number of years training.

There are doctors who make huge astronomical
amounts of money. These kinds do not practice
medicine. Doctors who work their way up the
corporate ladder do make millions per year.
They are not practicing medicine. Patients
contribute nothing to their incomes.

Physician’s pay makes up only a small portion
of a patient’s healthcare bill. If all patients had
to do is pay their doctors, they would all be doing back flips. Doctors get blamed by patients because doctors are the face of healthcare that patients see. So, they get blamed for what they have no control over.

State run healthcare is what drives up healthcare costs. That being said, the suicide rate among physicians is 40% higher than that of the overall population. Depression runs rampant through the ranks of doctors. So, I guess they all need to take up meditation and listen to relaxing music, right? I have some different thoughts on this.

A doctor completes medical school and residency and starts working. What does he
find? He can only practice medicine if he follows the path of least resistance created by
way of state run medicine. This is the first step towards ruining his life. All of his
autonomy is taken away as he morphs into a clerk charged with advancing whatever
political agenda that has captured healthcare in the United States.

Vaccines are mandated so he has to try and vaccinate patients whether he believes it is a good idea or not. He finds he is permitted to only prescribe the medication deemed worthwhile by the state. He has to accommodate medicare patients and gets very little money for those efforts. So, he either has to cut short office visits that involve medicare or he goes broke.At the same time, he is expected to disregard his own interests and put patients first – regardless of how it effects his income. Nature gives us all the incentive to optimize our incomes, living standard and anything else that contributes to our essence.

The Affordable Care Act requires that doctors become homogenized. Patients are
reduced to commodities to be run through the system. A doctor’s income is secured only
if he carries out state mandated agendas that are all designed to funnel healthcare
dollars up to the healthcare food chain. In time, patients will start to make jokes about medical practices that require masks.

To watch your doctor destroy his life, all you have to do is be a patient. No need to help.
State run healthcare will do that all by itself. Personally, I take no joy in such things. I
frequently post this chart.

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