Which Masked Man Do You Trust The Most?

Back in the nineties I worked with blind people.
One of them, Bob Wiley played piano in a
band I put together. I got to know bob very
well. He was highly educated. We talked a lot
about communication between the blind and
folks with sight. Although Bob had been blind
since birth he had a complete understanding of
what sight accomplished. Bob was a clinical
psychologist. He understood that people
communicate with body language along with
speaking. Facial expressions are very telling
with respect to understanding another’s
intentions. Masks have been used throughout

history to hide one’s face and intentions.

Of the two masked men above, which is a greater threat or any threat at all? There
actually is nothing dishonest about armed robbery. Sure, it is highly immoral but the
robber is completely honest about his intentions. It is your money or your life. That is
easily communicated. It is understood that you don’t trust a man pointing a gun at you.

Lets look at the doctor. Perhaps if we could see his face, that might give us an idea about
what his intentions are. We can’t. do that. His facial expression is missing. Is the doctor
going to rob us? Back in the good ole’ days before political medicine took over the health
insurance industry it was widely accepted that about any doctor was trust worthy.

Today, a doctors primary job is to rob you. A doctor may not even get a cut of the bounty
which rises like cream to the healthcare industry where it is scarfed up by all top players
in the industry. You may get treated if you insist. But a doctor is prone to do what his job
is. His job is to mine the population for maladies that enhance the profits of our betters
at the top of the healthcare industry food chain. Finding an untreated diabetic is like
finding a nugget of gold. So is booking a colonoscopy.

Doctors are not prone to be thieves. Their job requires them to be. They steal on behalf of those who pay them. I will come right out and say it. Healthcare in the United States is owned and run by organized crime. How do I know this? The same way you can know it. Certainly no one in the big mob called and told me. Of course, the American mafia doesn’t call up strangers and tell them what they are doing either. The mob in New York relied on
skimming operations over and over.

Take a close look at the Affordable Care Act and and you will notice that it is a collection of corporate skimming operations. Ordinary citizens have no input in determining what the mob steals. The Affordable Care Act was passed with input only from lobbyist and politicians. There was no input from the public at all. The parallels are striking. What do you think? Perhaps it is best to wait for someone to tell you before rushing to judgement. If that is your approach, go ahead and good luck.

The mob took over the baking industry back in the seventies. The price of bread
skyrocket. The public reasoned. “well heck , bread is sure getting expensive. Ain’t it a
crying shame.” Healthcare prices started skyrocketing Just after the Affordable Care Act
was passed. How do Americans feel about it. They reason “well heck, healthcare is sure
getting expensive. Ain’t it a crying shame.” Any parallels there?

Theft by way of the healthcare industry is complicated. It takes some abstract an
complex reasoning to see it. It takes an army of newly licensed doctors to make
skimming operations work. Old doctors rather than participate have hit the bricks.
Frankly the new ones I have encountered give me the impression that medical school
has been seriously dumbed down. I have mentioned to a few doctors something I knew
by virtue of reading WebMd. I have gotten the stare of a deer in headlights. WebMd is
written at about the sixth grade level. I’ll tell you, that is not reassuring at all.

Doctors, I’ll tell you, we all get into circumstances in this economy that are less than
stellar. We all have to make decision based on the “its either them or us.” However, it is
best to do this as little as possible. Also, we all have to decide how low we are willing to
go. Everyone has a moral compass. Some are lower than others.

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