The Root Cause Of Economic And Political Distress

When bad things happen and it appears people are not thinking, it seems that way because people actually are not thinking.
Here is a reminder. Three to five % of the population is born genetically different. This is nature’s way of providing kings, queens and chiefs. Back in the old days if there was a vacant monarchy or something the “genetically different” would have sword fights or whatever to eliminate one another. The winner would become king, queen or chief.
The “genetically different” have characteristics the rest of us lack. They are sociopaths. They have an inborn compulsion to manage the lives of other people. They have an insatiable thirst for power. They are candidates for public office and occupy elected offices.
Today the “genetically different” use democracy as a means of gaining power. There is no outright killing but the competition is still ruthless. Sometimes elected leaders do great things but the great things are incidental. All that matters to them is gaining, holding and exercising power.
Power is gained by convincing you the citizen that government can do for you, things you can’t do for yourself. Government in a democracy grows without bounds because spending is a primary tool for acquiring power and for exercising power.
The 95 percent who are not born to take control have a genetic predisposition to serve a master. In today’s world, this translates into a pro-government bias. Government is assumed to have problem solving abilities which it in fact does not have. Belief in government and what it is believed to be capable of doing is automatic.
Freedom and prosperity of a middle class are new developments on the evolutionary timeline. Unfortunately, the human species is not genetically ready to be free. Currently we are regressing back into servitude. For the foreseeable future living standards will be falling dramatically.
Success in a democracy requires that people think independently and override their ancient eternal voices that call them back to servitude. This is simply not happening. The best I can think to do is to adopt an every man for himself. The economic and political situations are going to get very distressing. I can’t help but think we will be better off to the extent we see it coming.

Does Curbside Jimmy get a grant from the government to ride the rails?

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