When Folks Don’t Suffer

Why does a government go to such great extents to insure the population is comfortable and happy? When the news you hear is dampened so much that it is never completely frightening, there is a reason.

All kinds of lofty ideas can be given as the purpose of government. Certainly the stated reasons for the necessity of government  are good. Take your pick. The way things work in the real world are quite a bit different from what works on paper.

More than anything, government serves as a way for the smartest people in the world to fleece any given country’s citizens.

When the citizens are comfortable they simply do not question authority. The relationship between a citizen and government takes on the characteristics of a dog and master arrangement. The dog is always on the side of the person who feeds it. As long as the dog is fed and comfortable, the chances it will run off and stay gone are slim. Even a dog that jumps the fence and runs around the neighborhood shows up at feeding time. The relationship the masses have with government is not a lot different. It doesn’t take a lot of resources to satisfy a dog. Let citizens hear kind words and constantly feed their self esteem. It costs nothing to do that and the benefit is, citizens will indefinitely believe their representatives are working tirelessly on their behalf.

As soon as suffering among citizens starts, there will be all kinds of protests, displays of dissatisfaction and even violence. Notice that even today, loud noises are coming from a few who claim to be mistreated. Imagine what it will be like when the economy collapses.

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