Theatrical Monkeys

Are human beings an anointed species? Is each person just a few steps away from divinity? Does each person born have a guarantied astronomically high intrinsic value? Are all innocent until proven guilty not just in a court of law but in all of life’s activities?

The first step in studying mainstream economics always starts by answering yes to all of the above questions.  All institutions are deemed operating completely in keeping with the definitions given to them. All of the members of the three branches government are deemed to have left self interest behind. All are deemed as working selflessly and tirelessly to make the country a better place.

In my fantasy free approach to economics, all of the institutions and people are viewed with respect to how they are functioning and behaving. I am studying the ebb and flow of various efforts of dominance and subservience. I will leave explaining the lofty definitions assumed to theologians and philosophers. I observe strictly according to how people and institutions function.

In the real world, not the make believe world, aggregations of people have everything in common as far as behavior is concerned with the group behavior of other animals. Moving up the ladder within a herd or aggregation is accomplished  by dominating by a few and agreement to serve by others. In mankind it works the same way.

There is not a doubt of in my mind that there is a spiritual world parallel to the secular world we live in. Participating in the spiritual world is an option all people have. The laws of dominance and subservience are less pronounced when a spiritual element is introduced. Higher influences are not prevalent enough to make a difference in studying economics.

When engaged in economic and political decisions mankind overall does not behave like the lofty definitions indicate they do. Their group behavior is completely in line with that of any other species. So what is a human being? For purposes of analysis they act like theatrical monkeys.  Is that really what people are? Who is to say? Surely the species has plenty of potential. But for now their behavior is that of a theatrical monkey.

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