They Are Not Going To Quit

If the stock market drops, the Deep State is out of business. So, the stock market is not going to drop. As a matter of fact priority number one in Washington is to make sure the Deep State stays in business. The Deep State only faces two dangers that I can think of. Although unlikely, the public could wake up and discover that the Deep State is a crime syndicate. The public is controllable because the Deep State owns the media. Unless given serious attention the stock market has a mind of its own. The stock market simply can’t be allowed to fall.

As this rally was starting, it was largely treated as a bear market rally. I wrote this article  Don’t Dismiss This Rally. You can expect heroic efforts at controlling the market from now until the country is destroyed. They won’t quit. They will die first.

The Deep State has cornered the stock market enough to where they can control trends by buying outright. The risk to them is minimal since they are increasing the value of their holdings. Since they know they are going to push the market up ahead of time, they can buy derivatives, and make a profit there also. Make no mistake. Failure in the stock market is not an option for the Deep State.

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