Trump and the Media

x299353078_donald-trump-pres-blogDonald Trump seems to understand things about the media that the public does not yet grasp. As I explain regularly, how people and institutions are defined is different than how they function. Americans have grown up believing that the media’s purpose is to keep people informed. This is fantasy and always has been. But, for most of history, listeners, viewers and readers did get at least some meaningful information.

As it is today, the function of providing information, is incidental to more powerful motives. Accurate news is reported only when it doesn’t interfere with media’s dominate agenda.

News outlets are in the business of managing public opinion. The news part is secondary. Donald Trump, rightly understands that the goal of many reporters is to diminish his candidacy. There is a difference between answering a question and fending off a purposeful attack.

Donald Trump seems to have a good feel for discern who is reporting on his campaign and who is trying to sabotage his candidacy.



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