Trump’s Good Employment Numbers

Trump designs a cut tax and spend program. Trump designs new protectionist trade policies. Voila’, miraculously major corporations start giving bonuses to ordinary workers and doing all kinds of wonderful things for employees. Those are amazing dynamics, custom made to impress the general population.

How did all of the hiring, bonuses and other wonderful things actually come about? It works like this,

“Hey Walmart, this is the Trump administration on behalf of your president, good ole Donald Trump. Is there anything we can do for you over here in Washington? Oh, that. Well. it is sure doable. Can you help us out in return? For example, if you were to implement a pay increase for ordinary workers, that would sure make your president look good. A lot of corporations are helping out by giving out bonuses. Yes, yes yes, that will be just fine. And, what is it you need again? Consider it done welcome to the team………….Hello, Home Depot? this is the Trump administration………….”

One thing protectionism does is richly enrich a handful of corporations. Who is going to be helped? Just look at the companies which are now doing wonderful things for their employees. Outside of a free market system, goodwill does not exist.



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