Is It Really Social Media?

There is no venue where regular people can interact, showcase themselves and opinions, and spread ideas that are dear to them. In the beginning, social media constituted a great equalizer. A teenager could put a video on YouTube and it could go viral overnight. An adult was free to post political positions and know they were being read and reacted to. There was no central authority deciding what was or wasn’t fit for human intellect to wittiness. Conversation was vibrant and meaningful. Much apposed mainstream thought. Some of what apposed mainstream thought became mainstream thought.

Today, it is widely recognized that venues like Facebook and YouTube practice agenda driven censorship. Who benefits from the censorship is an unanswered question. Certainly however, it is not the social media companies themselves. Who has the power make it worthwhile for social media companies to censor and limit interaction in ways deemed fitting? Who does a homogenized population serve? Answer those questions and the root cause of the decline of genuine social media will become apparent.

Has social media morphed into a group of entities that serve as facilitators, for the purpose assisting in the enslavement of the entire world’s population? It is highly unlikely that it isn’t. All a person has to do is refrain from  believing the lies that make our existence more tolerable. After that, the truth as to what is going on becomes perfectly obvious. What others are finally beginning to fathom, I was writing about in early 2020. Natural law is always early.

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Certain non mainstream entities are now presenting themselves as bastions of free speech. They are nothing of the kind. Typically, each attracts participants well enough. Certain pendants with pre-established audiences are anointed. Users are encourage to follow them.  There is no way for unique insight to originate at the bottom and rise to the top.

The social media situation guarantees that the overall population remains disconnected. That is a big problem of which everyone should be aware. It certainly facilitates the process of corralling an entire population and imposing authoritarian rule over them.




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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
3 months ago

No, emphatically it is not James, do you have any predictions for the 2024 elections? Will we have them at all or will they just be so blatantly rigged that no one has any faith in them? It’s looking bleak here.