Understanding Bullying

Adults seldom have a grasp of the phenomenon of bullying. Bullying is a part of humanity’s dark nature. We are all descendents of brutal savages and bullying is a vicious behavior left over from less civilized times. Young herd animals harass one another to exclude the weak from herd membership. Originally, weak humans were killed off. Kids who get bullied in modern times would not have survived in an earlier era. In a world governed by dominance and subservience, bullying plays a role in determining who serves and who gets dominated. For a child, getting bullied is much more harmful than just being an unpleasant experience. A period of bullying and rejection gives a child a misfit identity that he/she will not be able to shake in a lifetime.
Adults have trouble correcting behaviors like the bullying experience because they are adamant in denying their own savage nature. The bullying behavior is actually compulsive and normal. Unless a child’s parents go out of their way to prevent it, their child will either be a bully of get bullied.
Many adults continue bully like behavior long after they are grown. It is also one of those self esteem things. Diminishing others is a way people who are not good elevate their self esteem.

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