Voices in Your Head

There are many voices in your head but only one of them is you. Adopt fantasy free thinking the and voice in your mind which is you, starts to take over. Without engaging in fantasy it is hard to be wrong about anything. At the very least, a person’s chances of being right are optimized. There is a trade off.  Happiness and fantasy free living are not compatible.

How is it that a person takes up fantasy free thinking. Say this to yourself. “I acknowledge and accept that uncertainty is the way of the world. Life on earth is a dominance and subservience contest. In order to survive, like every other living thing, human beings only live if they dominate and consume other living things.”  Fantasy is the only way to escape looking at a timeless dilemma. Every person wants to think of himself as a kind and peaceful entity who hurts not man nor beast. However, we all survive by killing and eating other animals. The land we stand on was taken by belligerence. Fantasy is the way to deny these basics of existence.

So, total uncertainty is accepted, what next? If you are seriously able to deal with it, you will discover that many things that are popularly believed are not true.  You may have trouble finding things that are true.

Economics is the study of survival in the secular world. The secular world is what is escaped with fantasy. The harsh system is still in place even if you pretend it is not.  Jesus offered an alternative way to escape. Jesus had a way to migrate between the secular and spiritual worlds. He taught others how to do the same. The voice that emerges as fantasy is discarded is like a direct phone line to the spiritual world.

Most people believe in God. Some believe there is no God. Others are unsure or confused. Personally I can feel the presence of a spiritual world. I do not believe Jesus was God but I do believe what he taught everyone. Jesus could go spiritual and was teaching others how to do it. Yes, I believe in God but I know almost nothing about God. Neither does anyone else.

In dealing with harshness, the spiritual world is a better option than engaging in fantasy. With fantasy, reality catches up with you from time to time as life goes on and just one more time in the end.

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