Warning Spring 2023

As well you might know, all of my analysis here is based on my possessing the Fantasy Free Advantage. The Fantasy Free Advantage is what a person has when he lives his life in the light of reality. It is one thing to know what reality is. It is another issue to think and act on the basis of what reality is.

Live within the light of reality, and what confounds all others is perfectly obvious to you. What happens when you are in the light of reality, is that your level of basic understanding is multiplied manifold, automatically. 

As spring of 2023 rolls in, The United States is in a unique situation.  There is nothing government can do to avoid a depression. The burden of misery can and will  be transferred from one group to another, as much as is possible. I have explained many times that it takes free market attributes to launch an economic recovery. Very few free market attributes are in place. Those that are still present are being eliminated. Is that too simple? A recovery also depends upon the utilization of democratic principles. Those have largely been eliminated.  Democracy actually requires division. Without division, democracy morphs into an authoritarian system. Division is not allowed in the United States.  Democracy also fails without an assertive population putting pressure on representatives. 

Permanent Depression ((early forecast of a permanent depression)

The warning today is that, the economy actually is failing right now. How could that be, one might ask, when so many relevant government statistics still show a lot of strength? That is simple. Anything negative is kept out of the public eye. Statistics are not even necessary. I look at the forces in nature that make government statistics what they are. 

We must all look out our windows and notice changes in behavior. Most folks go to YouTube and other sites that depend on advertising. Every technique known to man is being made to get as many ads seen as possible in the shortest period of time. Vendors which in days past emailed customers and prospects perhaps once per month.  Is all of this just coincidental? Folks must be assume that it is, because it seems no one notices.  

Just recently, numbers have emerged that show that  online buying is seriously declining. How is big tech responding? They are doubling down…. doing more of what is turning the public away from them. The stress and panic among producers is striking. It isn’t just banks. The signs are everywhere. 

When does the chaos accelerate? That happens when the stock market tanks.  Does anyone wonder why overall stock volume is still extremely light and that intraday trading still dominates the market? Is it normal that in these stressful times, major averages trade in a lifeless channel for many months at a time? The answer is no. Trading patterns are still mechanical. We are seeing nothing that would occur naturally in even a partially pristine market.  Stock is highly concentrated within a few hands.  Large moneyed interests have obviously agreed not to sell while attempts are being made to artificially elevate stocks, once again.  There is an issue with this at this time. It is not working well. The public is not jumping in. 

In the face of a  market that cannot be moved,  the cartel – like group, managing stock prices…. will begin to fray. Trouble starts when a few players get disillusioned and start fending totally for themselves.

We can’t rule out a plan for the stock market.  Whatever it might be, I doubt that it will work this time.  The elite camaraderie is starting to unravel. YouTube is starting to feature videos they would have banned in thirty seconds just months ago. Perhaps, they miss all whom they have run off due to First Amendment issues. A look at Facebook shows the same situation that existed with MySpace when it started declining.

The anti-vaccine Robert Kennedy Jr. has entered the 2024 presidential race. This will open the healthcare dialog which all others seek to avoid. What if the public figures out that organized crime has taken over the healthcare industry?  What if they grasp that the Affordable Care Act is nothing but a set of mob – style skimming operations? Even more, perhaps the public will grasp that the United States death rate is skyrocketing because of mob – style healthcare administration. 

The fact is that when the reality gap slams shut, even the wealthy will have nowhere to hide. 

One thing that will be noticed is that it will be the rich who are crying and begging for bailouts and benefits. 

Can The United States Survive A Bear Market (My position is that it cannot.) 

Stock Market Manipulation 101 (Easiest explanation of how stock market manipulation is visible)

Your Punishment For Believing Lies  (background as to how the United States got into the situation we are in today(






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