Was Adam Smith Crazy?

Was Adam Smith a conspiracy theorist? It seems he was. So, I suppose that makes him crazy – right?
Adam Smith is routinely deemed to be the first
economist and the father of free market thought.
Should we now disregard everything the man wrote or said? After all, is it not true that all allusions to conspiracy are products of the imagination and must be treated as such? Was Adam Smith just another trouble maker like all conspiracy theorists? Or, was he merely pointing out what is normal human behavior? You decide.
What if Adam Smith was alive today and wrote such a thing? What would today’s big tech fact checkers do with respect to Smith’s observations? Your guess is as good as mine…..but, who is
guessing and who is not?

Is it really impossible than the biggest tech corporations would conspire together to mold society in a way that benefits them? According to Adam Smith’s thoughts, it would be close to impossible that they are not.

Notice that stories about cheap medicine and inexpensive cures are also fact checked and
discarded. Could that be a sign that that big tech, big pharma and big insurance are also part of big tech’s censorship initiative? Big banks are not complaining. Who else is willing to help?

To what degree do these corporations control the essence of countless other entities and people in today’s economic arena? Who and what within the lower echelons of the economy are in a position to oppose them? Is the general public willing to give up the “free” stuff they get from

Google or Facebook? Don’t count on it. When anyone in society today questions the integrity of the order of things in our world today, Is he trouble maker and a kook? Again, you decide.

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