What Folks Want Most From Government

What do folks want from government? How can
we determine what folks want? Those questions
are easy to answer. Look at who and what they
vote for.

People want to feel safe. Government has no
way to make life safe. Politicians can get elected
by promising to keep citizens safe. Imaginary
threats are even created as a means of
providing opportunities for getting votes by
means of making citizens feel safe. What is the
point of making the population feel safe? It is
an extremely profitable undertaking. Even
private companies hone in on this. What people
will pay in order to feel safe is seemingly unlimited. Want to start a war? Present the war
as a means of creating safety for the citizens.

People vote for politicians who promise these things. Politicians use this technique
because it works. Can you imagine a politician running on the basis of promoting
deferred gratification and telling people they must fend for themselves…. and that
government programs actually impoverish them? Any politicians want to try this?

People want government to make life’s difficult decisions for them. When do people
retire? They retire when they are sixty five. Why?….because social security deems that age as the
proper retirement age. It is a requirement of age but doesn’t need to be. It easily
becomes a standard.

We have IRAs. IRAs determine how and when people invest.
Healthcare? People expect healthcare to be free to them. They also want the government to decide what treatment they receive. Jobs? People expect government to create opportunities for employment.
Government cannot do these things but it is assumed that it can. This is human nature.

I have repeatedly made the point that it is the mindset of citizens that is destroying the
country. There is no such thing as actual freedom for a population that seeks these
things from their government. Surely you get mail from candidates. Notice that those
who get elected offer to do things such as those I have mentioned. This is what people
want to hear and they vote for politicians they figure will accomplish these tasks. In some states , folks are expecting government to prevent their peers from insulting them.

So, why do I forecast a complete collapse of our economy and political system?
Government can’t do these things. All of the ingredients that are necessary to maintain a
free society have been removed. The necessary ingredients for an economic recovery have
been removed. People may end up in abject poverty but that is no reason why they can’t feel safe. Americans will get exactly what they ask for.

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