Animal Behavior In Humans

Human beings generally are offended when
animal behaviors are ascribed to them.
But: take even a casual glance, and it is easy to
notice – especially in the aggregate, animal
behavior is mostly what is exhibited. We
don’t want it to be that way, right? So, the
thinking brain is always assumed to be in
charge. Seeing animal, or instinctive behavior
can be noticed just by looking at some parallels.

Suppose a person sees a dog and wants to make
use of its time and energy…. in other words own
it. What does a person do? He offers it a treat.
With a few more treats, the dog bonds with the
human and becomes loyal. The dog will then serve the human in countless ways that are worth far more than the treats. The dog will remain loyal even after a man whips it with a stick.

Suppose, Facebook wants you to subscribe, so that they can make use of you as a target
for advertising. What does Facebook do? It offers you a treat, which turns out to be a
page where you can advertise yourself and all you do in the world.

Both dogs and humans will undergo substantial stress and hardship before giving up a

Facebook can take away a human’s First Amendment rights, manage his opinions and
expose him to propaganda from the state. This is abuse that rises to a higher level than
whipping a dog. So, what does the human do? By no means is he going to leave
Facebook. Facebook is the source of his treats.

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