Why The European Union Is So Miserable

Have ordinary citizens ever petitioned their
government – wanting to consolidate their
governments into one unit? I remember no
such initiative. So, does that simple observation
mean anything? No, not unless you think about

Where do ideas for political initiatives come
from? Do they just spring up from out of the
concrete and embed themselves in the minds of
the people? Probably not , but they do have to
come from somewhere. Some might argue that
these kinds of initiatives are divinely inspired.

There are other possibilities. In today’s world , all political initiatives are for profit. So,
having all Europeans submit to a higher authority must be good for the various entities
which make these things happen.

Here is exactly where the misery ensues. Remember the old and underused adage of
natural law, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Unfortunately
that bit of ancient wisdom and logic is only used as a platitude. Take it seriously and the
world looks a lot different,  and what happens makes sense.

The consolidation of power is much more conducive to absolute corruption than is the
corruption present in the governments of each individual country. So you folks in
Europe end up living in a hopelessly corrupt system.

One other point is that anonymity renders each individual as meaningless to a system’s
leaders. So, if it seems nobody at the top loves you and you are only a cog in the wheel,
that is because it is absolutely true.

Folks in Europe, don’t think I am picking on you alone. Here in the U.S., we are already
further down the road to destruction than you are. Organized crime owns our healthcare
industry. Our life expectancy is plummeting. Our citizens are compliant to the point of
self destruction. Join us if you wish but I seriously advise you not to.

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