Will the United States be Attacked?

The biggest safeguard against a major war starting is the network of billionaires across the globe who control the actions of most governments.  Wherever one lives there is an ostensible government  and then there is the real one. The real government is always the politically powerful who decide what each government does. War is not good for business.

On the other hand there is a huge reality gap between how Americans view themselves and how they are perceived by the rest of the world. Most Americans see themselves as Gods chosen righteous peoples, spreaders of democracy and just good folk. Almost without exception, citizens of other countries, see the United States as a belligerent bad actor. They smile and nod  out of fear, realizing that their country could be invaded or punished with economic sanctions. History and empirical evidence is on their side.

When United States leaders make threats and innuendos towards Russia, China and other perceived enemies don’t think for a minute they are not making plans and contingent strategies. The chance of being attacked increases considerably. They may reason, that it is best to strike first. Surely other countries make plans they would rather not use but may be afraid not to use.

I believe, the risk of the United States being attacked is as great now as it was before Pearl Harbor. The biggest chance of attack




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