3rd Grade Math & Stock Market

The long expected short squeeze has been delivered. CPI came in with a highly manicured, expertly engineered surprise number at exactly the right time. What a coincidence that is. I am telling you a surprise number in a government statistic is an impossibility. In a not-orchestrated short squeeze, the averages don’t rocket up and then get stabilized for the rest of the trading day trying to draw in believers.

Think about this. Total capitulation of all publicly traded stocks is about 93 trillion $.
63 trillion of that is held by our betters. Why would they sell? That would destroy their goal of consolidating the world’s assets into their hands and managing all of the world’s people.

Then there are the suicidal corporations whose elite stacked boards force them to buy back their own stock, no matter what. Retail position traders cluster into ETFs and don’t own specific stocks.

Reported stock market volume is almost all enter day.

Who is left to sell? I guess just me, but I don’t own any stock.

The answer is not much of anybody, until the short sellers are all squeezed out again. This process has become almost cyclical.


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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
7 months ago

I see your point and I’d say you called it but don’t you have think our betters are about to take all that gated, juicy 401(k) money that it theirs for the taking? I can’t imagine them letting Boomers and others actually keeping their 3 or 4 decades worth of dutiful contributions. The short term sheep-shearing may just have happened but the generational sheep-shearing seems immanent, unless I’m very wrong…