Government Is Like A Garden

Suppose you plant a garden on a clear patch of soil.

Then, you plant seeds and flowers grow.

Then, your mind gets occupied with life’s issues.

Finally…. you check on your wonderful garden and discover it has become overgrown with weeds.

Weeds will not go away on their own.

You have a few choices. 

You can give up on the garden and let the weeds have it.

You can destroy the garden and grow another one in its place.

You can carefully pull up the weeds so that the flowers can continue growing.

Suppose citizens establish a country based on sound principles. (garden)

The country grows and the citizens flourish and find happiness.

Then the citizens get preoccupied with life’s issues – and forget about their country.

Their government becomes controlled by charlatans and thieves. (weeds}

Citizens have a few choices.

They can give up on their country and let the thieves have it.

They can dismantle the country and start a new one.

They can remove the thieves and charlatans who have destroyed the country. 


James Quillian


Economist, Political Analyst, Natural Law

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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
8 months ago

I wonder if it has to crash and burn first. I hate to sound overly pessimistic but the corruption is so deep and all encompassing that it feels like a fool’s errand. These gangsters will kill to protect their grifts.